Gameplay Rules

We only have a handful of rules regarding actual gameplay!

The following are not allowed.

Griefing, destroying or ruining other peoples builds

Stealing and/or any form of theft.

Intentionally killing someone outside of PVP areas. This includes tp/trap killing players.

Scamming other users via trades, and/or other transactions.

No inappropriate builds.

Any Sort of Redstone Machine, 0tick automated machines need to be approved by a member of staff

Glitches and exploits

We expect you to play fairly. By doing so you'll make it fair and more enjoyable for everyone you're playing with. If you do run into a bug, glitch and/or exploit, please report it to us instead of abusing it. Abuse will result in a permanent ban.

Vanilla Exploits

Clearly unintentional plugin bugs

Duping items

Blacklisted Modifications

As of now, any non-cosmetic modifications (with a few exceptions) are not allowed on our server. We have listed below what should and shouldn't be allowed.

Not Allowed

X-Ray mod or xray texturepacks

Hacked Clients

Auto Clickers, Macros, Auto-Fishers and/or any form of automation.



Minimaps (disable cave finders)


Schematica-like mods (disable print mode)

inventory & mouse tweaks

HUD mods

Raising gamma


Disrespectful and/or offensive language

Harassing, discrimination, abuse and/or bullying

Impersonating others

inappropriate usernames, nicknames, skins and/or profile photos.

Spamming, flooding the chat and/or using excessive caps.


Sharing personal information

We are an english server, Please speak english in the general chat.

Use common sense. If common sense dictates something should most likely be against the rules, then DON'T DO IT! If you are ever in doubt about something please ask a staff member!